Tuesday, March 27, 2012

TBN (Trinity Broadcast Network) is falling apart.

TBN's founders Paul and Jan Crouch are in hot water.  Allegations from their grand daughter include sexual predation, and millions of dollars spent on the founder's lavish lifestyle.   TBN is one of the largest if not largest Evangelical TV outlets in the US.   They hold nonsensical faith healing broadcasts where you can send them money to pray for you.   It appears your $$ is going to mansions in Newport Beach, and buying their dogs motor homes.

In addition to the recent allegations TBN and it's founders have settled several claims out of court for sexual misconduct and another claim related to a homosexual encounter with the founder and a network engineer.   The amount of the homosexual encounter settlement was $425,000.   I wonder why an evangelist would pay someone $425,000 to silence rumors of his homosexuality?   Doesn't god protect the righteous and spite the sinners/sodomites?


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  1. This is great! These misfits can scammers are being exposed. Now if we can stop all the morons that send them money in hopes of buying salvation we may make a difference!


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