Thursday, March 15, 2012

Jail for causing a ruckus?

John Kieffer, president of Atheist of Florida, was arrested at a Polk County School Board meeting last month on charges of disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and possession of medication without a valid prescription(on his person).    Before the school board meeting was convened he spoke up during a prayer BEFORE the meeting was called to order.   

It's sad that he gets arrested in a bible thumping state, but groups like the Westboro Baptists can act much worse and be protected by free speech.    Had the school board meeting been called to order Mr Kieffer could have possibly been legitimately charged, but as it was, the meeting was not in order, so it was yet to be an official event.

Here's an article detailing the mayhem;

Also there is a fund setup for Kieffer,  he faces up to 16 months in jail for his 'crime',  he stood his ground and passed on a plea bargain and will be going to court.   I suggest you look at the details and if you feel he was wronged you may want to donate to his fund.   The Florida Atheists have done some good work and have fought the good fight in a state that seems to have aspirations of a theocracy...

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