Monday, April 2, 2012

The Good Person Test

I found a little test this morning,  it's called The Good Person Test, sounds innocent enough.....

As I am not usually ashamed of my past I answered honestly.   I'll admit, I have stolen, told lies, and even lusted after someone, I have also used the 'lords' name in vain, even though I find the 'lord' to be as credible as the tooth fairy. 

After the first 5 questions this 'test' tells me:
"By your own admission and the standard of God's law, the Ten Commandments, you are a lying, thieving, blasphemous, murderous, adulterer at heart."   Wow,  I am a real piece of shit!  But wait,  I may not be perfect but I have most definitely never committed a murder, but according to 'God's Standard' being angry with my brother makes me an murderer.

Anyway I continued the test, to see how bad I really am.   As it turns out my life is is pretty dismal.   The end of the test tells me:
"Trust in Jesus Christ as Your Only Hope -- Trust in Jesus, like you would trust a parachute if you were jumping out of an airplane. You wouldn't just believe in the parachute, you would put it on (trust it) and jump (act on it). That is how we must put our faith and trust in Jesus as our only hope of heaven."

Hmmm.   Sounds like fear mongering and scare tactics to me, but to be sure, I took the test again.  This time I lied on the test (why not; I'm already a murderous sinner).  When I took the test the second time I pretended to have never done anything wrong.   Here's my result:
"Unfortunately, you don't see yourself as God sees you. The Bible says all men are sinners, until you're ready to admit that you can't continue this test."

So, basically everyone is a sinner, and needs to repent to god because they are human.  We are all such bad people and need to spend our lives repenting for our human nature.   Weren't we all created in god's image?  Does that mean god is a sinner and yet wants us to be better than him?   Isn't trying to hold one in a high light than god a sin as well?  What an ass! God really screwed us from the start didn't he? 

This again is why the whole 'god/lord/christ/heavenly father' fallacy is laughable.   We'll never be good enough, but we're supposed to try really hard just in case he has a moment of weakness and lets us into heaven.   No thank you,  I'll continue to live as a moral good person and deal with the implications on my own;  I'll take responsibility for my own actions and accept the consequences accordingly.    I don't need to live for an imaginary being that already thinks I'm a failure.

If you want to see if you are a good person here's the link to the test.  However, I'll save you the suspense-  you are a real low life too!

-Happy Monday fellow sinners.  May your sinning and rationality be fun this week!