Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Freedom From Religion Foundation and others strike back!

Freedom From Religion Foundation has stepped it lately.

Here's an ad that ran last night during the CBS evening news.

I find it to be well done, simple, and not an 'attack' on anything.   Read the comments on the Youtube video; they show our country has a long way to go when it comes to keeping religion from politics.

In other atheist news, there are several billboards around the country to coincide with Easter(a holiday celebrating fertility taken from Pagan times

Here's one in Moscow ID, it's been continually defaced - by moral christians no doubt.

Here's a pastor's rebuttal to the Dallas/Fort Worth billbaord.   This guys is a bumbling fool, with threats of hell, fire, brimstone, etc....     Here's my favorite quote;  "I'm not here pushing religion, I'm against religion.  I'm just tellin ya, I'm pushing a relationship with god.  Read your bible......"      Sounds like pushing religion to me.  Of course he defends it as a way of life and the only reasonable choice we have.   

Here's a billboard being put up in NYC.

I know it's sort of lame to be doing a cut and paste job for a blog, but I just wanted others to know that the anti religion movement is gaining strength in our bible ridden country.   Even if you, the reader, is not in a position to publicly battle the religious fundamentalist in your community please consider making a contribution to one of the groups producing these videos.  If we can be seen as a force to be reckoned with we can slowly make a positive change for our children and our country and pull our country out of the backwards stone-age mentality that we are facing.

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